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At Camp Green we pride ourselves on delivering real results...Hear what our clients have to say...

“Anything is possible. I was introduced to Tom by a friend who was attending the Saturday boot camp in 2012. Over the past few years I have attended one or both of the Monday evening and Saturday morning sessions. With a goal to get fitter stronger and lose weight. Over the past 18 months I have also been joined by my son (15) who really enjoys the activity as well. The great thing about the sessions is that they are always on whatever the weather, enjoyable, friendly, sociable and rewarding. In July 2014 I set myself a personal challenge and committed to complete the UK Ironman, 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride and a 26-mile marathon to finish. Tom acted as a mentor and motivator, always keen to ask about training and always encouraging. The varied exercises at the boot camps helped build all round muscle strength and flexibility, vital in the varied activity of Swim / Bike and Run. It also ticked 2 of the 10-12 hours’ weekly requirement of exercise in my just finish training plan. To conclude, 3 stone lighter I completed the UK ironman in 14 hours 50 mins in July 2015 and continue with the sessions today.” - Chris

“There really is something special about exercising outside, and i would recommend it to anyone!" - Susie

“It is amazing what it has done for my self esteem. I am delighted to have had such a fun time with a great group of people.”- Terry

“I have lost 2.5 inches from my hips and am delighted with the way I feel and how my clothes are fitting.  No matter your ability at the start, you’ll be amazed at the difference it can make.  Boot camp is fantastic fun – I would never go back to training in the gym!” - Jo

“We have a great time during the sessions.  It is always a combination of hard work and lots of laughter.  There are elements of light hearted competition to keep things focused and the trainers are fantastic, professional, motivational and always setting new challenges to keep us engaged.  They have also provided nutritional guidelines to obtain the best combination of a healthy diet with lots of fresh air and exercise, and the results are there for us all to see.  We only have to look at each other!” - Lynne

“I have to be honest, the minute I got an email which mentioned a 10K run in it I deleted it, thinking there’s no way I’d ever be able to run that far.  But I finished the run in a far quicker time than I ever thought was possible.  I am so pleased i proved to myself (and my husband!) that I can do it, and on reflection the object of a challenge isn’t to do something you know you can already do. So go on – test yourself! You have nothing to lose, and a lot to gain.” - Celia

“I have been doing personal training with Tom for over 5 years now.  When I started I was seriously overweight and hadn’t set foot in a gym in years, and my confidence was really low.  Tom’s encouragement was amazing, and by training regularly in the gym with Tom and at Boot Camp, and listening to his advice,  I have transformed my fitness to the point where I even managed to run a half marathon! My self-confidence has increased massively, and I genuinely enjoy exercise now – Tom’s support has transformed the way I think about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle” - Sarah

“In 2011, as part of my preparations for the London 2012 Paralympics, I was seeking additional fitness and technical coaching locally, and started an athlete/coach relationship with Tom.  This consisted of two sessions per week, mixing fitness, ball skills and strength and conditioning along with tactical and spatial awareness.  Each session was carefully planned and clearly explained at the outset.  Clear goals were set, and Tom and I always gave each other feedback at the end, which meant my performance consistently improved. Tom also liaised closely with my other coach, in order to ensure that all the sessions complemented each other.  I would fully recommend working with Tom if you’re looking to improve any aspect of your sporting performance” - David Clarke, 2012 Team GB Paralympic Football Captain.

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